Edmond H Fischer (University of Washington) had a “most rewarding experience” in Bert’s lab where the three main themes under investigation (metallothionein and Zn2+ metabolism; angiogenin and angiogenin and angiogenesis; and Diadzin’s involvement in alcohol addiction) were outside his own field of investigation (signal transduction and cellular regulation) and thus challenging and exciting.

“From a professional point of view, I feel that I received far more than I could give, which is always the case on such occasions: the visit was most rewarding. Aside from my daily talks with Bert (I could walk into his office at any time, unannounced, which I did unabashedly several times a day), I had good opportunities to speak at some length with all the group leaders within the Center. In fact, these daily interactions in front of a blackboard where we discussed the work that was going on remain among my most pleasant recollections.”  (Edmond Fischer, VVP 1998)

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Lars Terenius (Karolinska Institutet) was another VVP who spent a month in Bert’s lab at HMS.