Peter Howley (Harvard Medical School) spent two weeks in Oxford thanks to Dame Louise Johnson and Allen Hill and two weeks hosted by Moshe Yaniv at the Institut Pasteur.

1-Immagine 087“It turned out that Louise Johnson and I have a common interest in a cellular bromodomain protein called Brd4 and were unaware of this major interface between our research interests before the visit to Oxford. Time was too short.”

John Collier’s (Harvard Medical School) productive month in the lab of Earl Davie at the University of Washington provided an opportunity for extended discussions on topics of mutual interest.

Collier 4x5 color 400 ppi h+s copy“It is rare in one’s career that there is the opportunity to hold extended discussions with colleagues without the inevitable interruptions and distractions in one’s daily life at home base – and this goal of the VVP program was well fulfilled during my visit.”