2012 VVPsStephen Benkovic (Penn State) collaborated with colleagues in the Bensimon Lab at the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, to understand the workings of molecular machines and in particular to work with the T4 phage replisome.

“The science fostered by my visit will continue through strengthened collaborations and I am confident will lead to novel, significant discoveries that will impact significantly our understanding of enzyme driven biochemical processes.”  (Stephen Benkovic, VVP 2012)

Though based at the Nasmyth Lab at Oxford over the summer, Patrick Cramer (LMU, Munich) focused on discussing the latest results from his lab with colleagues in Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker (Human Frontier Science Program Organization) spent his VVP sabbatical in the the Seed and Szostak labs at MGH).

Gunnar von Heijne’s (Stockholm University) fruitful visit to the lab of Rod MacKinnon at the Rockefeller University focused on their mutual interest in membrane proteins.

Also appointed VVP: Martin Lohse (University of Wurzburg)